I’m a retired college instructor/social worker/solar energy designer/certified energy auditor and more. And now I can add “children’s author” to that list!

I love travel and have visited most of the contiguous forty-eight states, traveled quite a bit in Mexico, and have been into Guatemala three times, each time during the wars of the 1970s-90s.

I’ve long been an advocate and worker for human rights and the environment. Most recently, since about 2013, I’ve found my most recent passion: sea turtles.

IMG_0288The group I work with catches, tags, and releases turtles. This is me measuring a turtle we’ve caught.







IMG_0316This turtle had many barnacles on her. One of the things we do is clean off all barnacles.






GE DIGITAL CAMERAThis turtle has been cleaned of barnacles, measured, weighed, and tagged. She’s now heading back to the sea.






AAASome of these turtles are so large it takes two strong men to hold the scale so we can weigh them!







Mama and baby gray whale in Laguna Ojo de Liebre, Baja California Sur. I got to pet mama! She rose more from the water and I was able to stroke her back.


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  1. Ann, I am in Mexico where I have to hike to get on line. I pretty much don’t follow blogs while I am here. If I had internet where I stay, it would be a different matter. See you in just over a week.

  2. Dear Emilie – Thank you so much for your blog – this is my first opportunity to see you and it in action – What WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL photographs – really magnificent they are and the places you’ve been
    – Glad you’re both having such a wonderful time – we look forward to your return!

  3. God bless you Em for all the kind-hearted things you do. I am deeply honored to be your friend. Que le vaya bien, amiga, Stuart

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