The Vultures are Back!

Bisbee loves its vultures. Bisbee also loves parades.

My friend Christina Nealson took this photo. She lives in Arivaca, Arizona, where the community is having its first vulture festival this weekend! Check out Christina’s blog at

So what does Bisbee do when turkey vultures migrate back here for the summer? We have a vulture parade!

This parade has been happening for many years, at least 13 but maybe more. It used to be held in Old Bisbee, but for the last three years it has been in Vista Park during the regular Saturday Market.


A vulture announces the beginning of the parade.

And it’s about more than just vultures.
The parade enters the park.
A vulture feasts while hatchlings (the children in white, in the background) look on.
And of course the famous Bisbee Chickens showed up because, well, it’s Bisbee after all.
After the parade, only the hatchlings’ shells remain.